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Tim Lehnert, Professional Writer and Editor
Tim Lehnert is a freelance writer and editor. He grew up in Montreal, lived in Los Angeles for 12 years and now resides in Cranston, Rhode Island with his wife, two daughters, and dog, Zeus. He received a B.A. in Political Studies from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, an M.A. in Political Science from McGill University in Montreal, and an M.A. in English from California State University, Northridge.

His articles and essays have appeared in publications including the Boston Globe Magazine, the Providence Journal, the Providence Phoenix, Rhode Island Monthly, the Christian Science Monitor, and the Montreal Gazette. His short fiction has been published in a number of literary journals in the US and Canada, and he has written stories and articles for children appearing in Highlights, The School Magazine (Australia) and Yes Mag (Canada). He is the author of the book Rhode Island 101: Everything you wanted to know about Rhode Island and were going to ask anyway. He has served as editor and/or contributor on several titles from MacIntyre Purcell Publishing including the Manitoba Book of Everything, the Saskatchewan Book of Musts, the Minnesota Book of Everything, the Seoul Book of Everything and the Newfoundland Book of Musts.

On Reading and Writing

I'm a big reader of newspapers and magazines, including the local and near-local press – the Providence Journal, the Providence Phoenix, the Boston Globe and Rhode Island Monthly. I often check out the CBC and Montreal Gazette online, and then there is the flood of articles from various sources that come my way via e-mail, some of which I get to, others which languish in my in-box indefinitely. I subscribe to The Atlantic and the Canadian magazines Geist, Maisonneuve, and L'actualité, and usually receive at least one or two literary journals (Agni, Prairie Fire and Descant are some that I enjoy). For books, I read more fiction than non-fiction, probably because I get daily doses of "reality" from other sources. My taste in fiction is eclectic, although I favor so-called "literary" novels, whether they are contemporary, classic, or somewhere in between. I steer clear of the impossibly obtuse or obscure, but don't enjoy what some call "beach" or "airplane" reading. Maybe I should swim or fly more often. I enjoy listening to Writers & Company with Eleanor Wachtel via CBC radio podcast.

I'd describe myself as a stay-at-home father/husband and self-employed editor/writer. It hasn't always been this way: I have worked as a teacher of English composition, English as a second language, speed reading and traffic school (not all at the same time). I have also been a legal assistant, claims adjustor (for a rental car company), bookstore manager and neon art museum guy Friday. Other choice occupations have included dishwasher, comic store clerk, pool cleaner and tennis court attendant.

I've written features, travel pieces, essays and shorts for newspapers and magazines, as well as stories appearing in literary journals and children's magazines. I also write briefs in connection with "aliens of extraordinary ability" and "outstanding researchers" on behalf of Sostrin Immigration Lawyers. I'm interested in culture, urbanism, social trends, politics, animals and literature, as well as geography and ethnicity. I like movies and music, although I leave writing on those topics to others. I'm a Rhode Island fan (of course), and always enjoy learning about the Ocean State's people, places and history. I am also drawn to things related to my hometown of Montreal.

Thank you for visiting the site; I hope you find something informative or entertaining on it.

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Tim Lehnert, professional writer and editor, is the author of Rhode Island 101, part of the 101 Book Series by MacIntyre Purcell Publishing. Tim has many years of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and has authored numerous feature articles and works of short fiction. His professional writing services include professional editing services, freelance writing, freelance editing, copy editing, creative writing, feature writing, travel writing, and corporate communications.