Tim Lehnert, Professional Writer and Editor, Rhode Island 101, 101 Book Series



The Green Giant Grows

Little Rhody

A Homegrown Christmas

3rd Party Candidates Deserve More Respect

Baby's First Interview

Can We Have a Holiday From Shopping

Codrescu Verses America

A Holiday Letter Holdout

I'm Still Hoping for a Tim Revival

It's time for New England to consider seceding

It's time to institute Rhode Island Population Measure

The Lullaby of the Capybara Dad

Measuring up globally

Mordecai's Version

My Premium Education Package

No vote is "wasted" in this system

The Ocean State Review Makes Its Debut

Outsource the Economists

Parents Deserve a (Tax) Break

Providence and Los Angeles are no Longer So Different

The Quixotic Search for the Olympic Ideal


Reinventing Urban Waterways (photos at right)

Roid Sage

Salman Rushdie on Censorship, the Da Vinci Code and Islam

Skip the Classics


St. John's History

Throwing Money Away

'Tis the Pagan Season

Two national Thanksgivings

Two Tim Lehnerts, but Only One Dotcom Address


West Tisbury A Rural Respite on Martha's Vineyard (photos at right)

Why we shamelessly baby our pets

The Wiggles: Arena Rockers for the 21st Century

The Woman's Christian Temperance Union keeps up the fight

Writing for In-flight Magazines


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Tim Lehnert, professional writer and editor, is the author of Rhode Island 101, part of the 101 Book Series by MacIntyre Purcell Publishing. Tim has many years of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and has authored numerous feature articles and works of short fiction. His professional writing services include professional editing services, freelance writing, freelance editing, copy editing, creative writing, feature writing, travel writing, and corporate communications.