Tim Lehnert, Professional Writer and Editor, Rhode Island 101, 101 Book Series




"It's a breezy and entertaining read. . . . Highly recommended . . . "
--Phillipe and Jorge, The Providence Phoenix

"Rhode Island 101" is a great guide to anyone who wants to know what stuffies are, what comprises an Awful-Awful or why cabinets have nothing to do with home furnishings."
--Jim Gillis, Newport Daily News

"RI factoids make you feel right at home."
--Joe Kernan, Cranston Herald

"Compact and easy-to-navigate, the book celebrates the state's history, people, landmarks, culture and even its drinks – Awful Awfuls, cabinets and coffee milks."
--Patricia Russell, The Valley Breeze

"It presents Rhode Island in all its undersized quirkiness, including a bevy of contributions and quotes from locals and out-of-state observers."
--Alyssa Smith, East Side Monthly

". . . the perfect read while quaffing a pint at a pub or when spending quality time on the throne."
--Dan Schwartz, Providence Monthly

"A great gift for a "true" Rhode Islander."
--Roger Bouchard, WNRI 1380 AM

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Tim Lehnert, professional writer and editor, is the author of Rhode Island 101, part of the 101 Book Series by MacIntyre Purcell Publishing. Tim has many years of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and has authored numerous feature articles and works of short fiction. His professional writing services include professional editing services, freelance writing, freelance editing, copy editing, creative writing, feature writing, travel writing, and corporate communications.