Tim Lehnert, Professional Writer and Editor, Rhode Island 101, 101 Book Series




Absurd in Lincoln - 3rd bed (covers at right)




Anarchy for the R.I.





The Apex of Potential (photos at right)




Divine Providence





A Magazine of Paragraphs (covers at right)




Mending Bridges and Bows




Pawns in the Game




The Storm Kings




Where Have All the Frontons Gone -- The End of Newport Grand Jai Alai





Who Took Rhode Island's Trash and What Did They Do With It? (photos at right)




Your Desktop Could be a Time Bomb

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Tim Lehnert, professional writer and editor, is the author of Rhode Island 101, part of the 101 Book Series by MacIntyre Purcell Publishing. Tim has many years of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and has authored numerous feature articles and works of short fiction. His professional writing services include professional editing services, freelance writing, freelance editing, copy editing, creative writing, feature writing, travel writing, and corporate communications.